Abnormal cbc in a child 6yrs old

Posted by normgonz13 @normgonz13, Nov 12 9:43pm

My son cbc came back with some abnormal results and we been waitting to c a specialist for some time now and i just want to know if this results are soemthing i shouldnt wait to see a specialist and look for another specialist in the mean time, just want to know were i stand with this results his MCH 26.0 L neutrophils 62.7 H LYMP 27.7L platelet count 421 H

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Welcome to Connect @normgonz13. It can be upsetting to see numbers flagged for being either high or low when you’re looking at blood results and not understand what they mean. However, as members in the forum we’re not able to interpret test results or diagnosis medical issues. Your physician would be the be best person to provide you with the answers.

It sounds as though your son has been referred to a specialist? What has his primary care doctor said about his blood work? Did they do the referral?
If your son isn’t feeling well and you’re concerned for his health, personally, I’d be looking for another doctor to help me find answers sooner.

Looking at your son’s test results with his platelet level being high, has he had a recent illness? What type of symptoms was he having that lead to him needing a blood panel taken?


@normgonz13, I thought I would check in. How is your son doing? Have you seen a doctor about the blood test results in the meantime?

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