A choice to take immuno-suppresant drug (or not) for a skin condition

Posted by dorothy001 @dorothy001, Nov 18, 2019

If the skin condition is not life-threatening, why take a drug (toxin) that can cause major health problems?

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If a person has hidradenitis suppurativa – try turmeric first. Mix it with olive oil (3 T is best) and take it – you can put it in a capsule if you want but you do need some oil when you take it… Humira is often prescribed for HS – but turmeric stopped it for me. Also, I got the sinus tracts removed.

The reason they want you to take an immuno-suppressant drug is because your disease is likely auto-immune. Your body is attacking your immune system, so they figure let's just suppress the immune system so it isn't there to attack. It works for many people. But I was given an immunosuppressant for another autoimmune disease, and now I have NO immune system. I have to get infusions of IVIG every three weeks.

I would suggest that if you have HS, you try turmeric and get your sinus tracts removed. Also very helpful for me was going completely off sugar. I have been doing the diet put forth in the book The Candida Cure by Ann Boroch. I've been doing it for five years. I have never felt better. All of my autoimmune diseases are way way improved. My energy is unbelievable, I lost all excess weight, and I sleep like a baby. Everything that has been wrong with my body has been improved greatly by going off sugar. I am better from my teeth to my toenails.


Hi @dorothy001 you bring up a great question. As we wait for others like @parrotqueen to respond, are you comfortable sharing more about what condition you are seeking treatment for?

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