65+ Booster and LC

Posted by jeindc @jeindc, Mar 11 4:11pm

72 hours ago, based on CDC recommendation, I got another booster. Like my last 3 boosters, this was Moderna. I felt as if I had COVID again! First time that reaction and still going with chills and aches all over. Is there anything I’ve not found in searches others know about boosters and LC? Thanks.

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65+ and long-Covid: got my last booster last week and the following day I had diarrhea plus excessive (beyond long-COVID) fatigue. When I had COVID-19 almost a year ago, my body reacted with bad diarrhea. I have had almost no reaction to COVID vaccines prior to having COVID. I did not have Paxlovid nor antibodies when I had COVID because they were unavailable because I was outside the US. My daughter got COVID from me, but she did not develop long-COVID, nor did she have diarrhea with COVID. Interesting that stuff (immunizations, new meds) that didn't bother us before long-COVID now do. Each upset slows recover from long-COVID. Darn!


I plan on needing naps for a few days after covid vaccines. I get minor covid symptoms of injection site being hot/sore/swollen, fatigue, severe insomnia, tinnitis, fever (101.6 degree was highest), bone and joint ache, rambunctious GI tract, and minor headache. Symptoms are mostly gone the next day and all gone within a few days. At least I know my immune system is ramped up over the mRNA bits. I much prefer that to getting covid (12 months ago and the LC took 8 months to go away). I was vaxxed but hit with a high viral load and celiac (glutened) while traveling. My last vaccine (Oct.) didn't affect my LC. I have a few autoimmune diseases that get frisky when I get shingles and some other shots as well.

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