2yrs Post op weight loss stand still

Posted by dmjohnstone @dmjohnstone, Jan 11, 2023

Hi I had gastric bypass and feb 9,2021. My weight loss stop about a yr after surgery. I been at a standstill since and want to loss 30 lbs more. I am happy with the results. When I started the program i was about 250lbs. before surgery I think i was 240lbs. I am now 150 to155lbs it goes up and down. I would like to reach 130lbs . Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @dmjohnstone - congratulations! Have you been attending your annual follow-ups with the bariatric team? This includes an individual appointment with a registered dietitian, which you might find helpful. I also wanted to point you to the Weight Management blog that has some articles you may like!


Thank you i will take a look at that. Yes. I just messaged them today being yr 2 post op is feb 9 is coming up quickly and i am scheduled for another surgery feb 10,22 knee replacement. I want to lose 10lbs before surgery.

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