24/7 Dizziness Occipital Stroke and Cerebellar Stroke

Posted by leslee1971 @leslee1971, Jan 6, 2019

Hi Everyone,
I research every couple of months to see how my dizziness can be helped. Has anyone found relief for their 24/7 dizziness? Coming up on 3 years. I'm sad.

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It was three years last May for me, so I am going on four and have no relief. Some of it is my meds but dizzy is always there, driving, in bright lights, in stores, in noisy places, etc. at first a scapolamine patch behind an ear helped a lot but I became allergic to the adhesive and could not continue with them. It was murderous at first without it……some how I got through it and now Lorazepam at a small dose every day seems to somehow relax my tight neck muscles……


Hello @leslee1971, welcome to Connect. You may also want to check out the following discussion on chronic dizziness, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/hello-_-my-name-is-kim-i-am-33-years-old-and/. @lakelifelady, did Lorazepam give you some relief for your dizziness as well, or just your neck muscles? @leslee1971, have you found anything to help take the edge off of your dizziness? Have you spoke with your medical provider and have they tried anything?


Lorazepam has a positive effect on taking the edge off dizziness. Without it I am very full headed with lots of tinnitus and dizziness. After all this time I am no doubt addicted to it but do not increase my dosage which is only .5 MG Tab, which I halve for am and pm. Thank you for the link.


I have been recently diagnosed with Basilar Artery Stenosis and have been seeing a neurologists. we are using conventional medicine, diet and exercise to work on reducing the blockage. I am dealing with what I call "mild brain fog" occasionally so I am interested in hearing more on this topic.


My spouse has the same thing and had had several incidents where he slurs his speech and cannot function. His
memory is also impaired. He has been hospitalized three times with no help. We have found if he lies down and goes to sleep he comes out of it. Because of his advanced age, we have been told medication is all that can be done. No surgery. Any advice?

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