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24/7 Dizziness Occipital Stroke and Cerebellar Stroke

Posted by @leslee1971, Sun, Jan 6 6:36pm

Hi Everyone,
I research every couple of months to see how my dizziness can be helped. Has anyone found relief for their 24/7 dizziness? Coming up on 3 years. I'm sad.


It was three years last May for me, so I am going on four and have no relief. Some of it is my meds but dizzy is always there, driving, in bright lights, in stores, in noisy places, etc. at first a scapolamine patch behind an ear helped a lot but I became allergic to the adhesive and could not continue with them. It was murderous at first without it……some how I got through it and now Lorazepam at a small dose every day seems to somehow relax my tight neck muscles……

Hello @leslee1971, welcome to Connect. You may also want to check out the following discussion on chronic dizziness, @lakelifelady, did Lorazepam give you some relief for your dizziness as well, or just your neck muscles? @leslee1971, have you found anything to help take the edge off of your dizziness? Have you spoke with your medical provider and have they tried anything?

Lorazepam has a positive effect on taking the edge off dizziness. Without it I am very full headed with lots of tinnitus and dizziness. After all this time I am no doubt addicted to it but do not increase my dosage which is only .5 MG Tab, which I halve for am and pm. Thank you for the link.

I have been recently diagnosed with Basilar Artery Stenosis and have been seeing a neurologists. we are using conventional medicine, diet and exercise to work on reducing the blockage. I am dealing with what I call "mild brain fog" occasionally so I am interested in hearing more on this topic.

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