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2 small meningiomas

Posted by @dbranch in Brain & Nervous System, Dec 14, 2011

37 year old female friend with constant headache 2+ years. MRI shows 2 small meningiomas, but no one will consider that these are causing her headache. Has had multiple appts, seen many specialists, nothing has helped. PLEASE help me help her! thanks.

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Posted by @fatigued, Dec 14, 2011

Hi there. I'm curious where her meningiomas are. I had one large one pretty much dead center between my eyes. I was diagnosed with cluster headaches for a couple of years until it was finally found, and they WILL cause headaches! They removed it quite successfully and i recovered well. Is there any reason hers cant be removed? As for helping her...don't know that I can be much help. Some of the migriane meds helped. I guess her doc would know best what to do but I would consult with a couple of neurologists/neurosurgeons to see what could be done. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that anything can help if they're still there. I wish her the best though because they can be pretty miserable. Oh, and no bright lights when she has a headache.


Posted by @dbranch, Dec 15, 2011

Hi! I'm SO glad you responded! Two meningiomas are on top of her head, exactly where most of her pain is. She has been told that they are too small to be causing problems, that it was just coincidential they were found. It's crazy though, because she is having typical symptoms, which all specialists she's seen seem to be attributing to other problems. She has seen a neurosurgeon, pain therapists, ob/gyn, etc....but nothing that's been done has touched her constant/continual head pain. About 2 weeks ago she got botex injections, but so far she can't tell any difference. I'm wondering if someone @ Mayo Clinic would seriously consider doing something about the meningiomas...even though specialists here are "positive" ??? they are too small to be causing problems. She's on disability from job, has husband & 2 children, & is in constant pain that is deeply affecting her life. Would someone PLEASE give us some direction???? She does have health insurance, & lives in NC. I'll be glad to provide her direct contact information.... and she'll be thrilled!!! thanks, God bless you!


Posted by @sharon518, Dec 15, 2011

My son has a meningioma that has eroded the skull slightly. It should be checked frequently to observe for growth. My family has been plagued with migraine headaches. At the onset of aura I take fiorinal,. phenobarbital and caffene. They are prescribing neurotinfor headaches. Explain to doctor when med is not working If I begin vomiting, its to late. suffer! If the meningioma is deep in brain it probably cannot be removed.


Posted by @dbranch, Dec 26, 2011

Hi, thanks for your response. She has tried migraine meds, even shots. Her pain is continual/constant/ NEVER goes away. The only relief she gets is when she is able to sleep. We just want a medical person to at least consider that meningioma may be causing head pain. If inoperable, she will accept; but it seems that no one is willing to consider the obvious. No one will consider removing because no one "thinks" they are causing pain. DUD! After 2 plus years of other medical treatment, (plus many $$$$), nothing has touched pain. After they continue to rule out everything else, I guess they'll still say.... "2 meningiomas are too small to cause problems". I thought medicine was still a science!


Posted by @kathig1, Jan 1, 2012

I had or have headaches in my forehead and behind my eyes for the past 3 years. I finally had an MRI which showed I have an GLIOMA....I had it removed at the Mayo clinic in MN. The headaches tho, had nothing to do with the GLIOMA, and I still have them.. I was put on a migraine medicine which seems to help me!!!

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