2 months after viral meningitis

Posted by chris8515 @chris8515, Dec 10, 2018

i was diagnosed with viral meningitis on oct 14th, since then things have gotten worse. i was admitted to the hospital for 2 days to confirm it wasnt bacterial . after two days they said its not there isnt any thing more we can do for you and sent me home. upon arriving home about 2 days later around the 18th of oct my right eye became blurry. i went back to mayo clinic er they did tests and assured me it was just post op viral meningitis symptoms. several days after that my right side became weak. back to mayo er i went they checked me up and down neuro drs worked me up and no answers except post meningitis symptoms . i am now 2 months down stream from my initial viral meningitis diagnosis . things are so much worse than they were . i now have constant all over headaches on top of a left sided headache that never fully goes away. i constantly have right sided weakness right sided pins needles and numbness on my face arm leg even on my right side of my chest my right shoulder hurts as well. i do sometimes get pins and needles on the left side but very seldom and rare . i have had several ct head scans at mayo in the last few months all were compared with each other and they are negative . i did meet with a neuro dr they ordered a ct head venogram that was back at the end of november and that was normal. i have presented to mayo er atleast 20 times since i was released back on oct 16th presenting with stroke symptoms as i said right side weakness numbness pins and needles dizziness and left sided headaches that dont respond to medication. i have also been to a pain managment dr with in the last week he put me on butalbital every 12 hours as well as hydrocodone 10-325 every 6 hours no relief. i hope someone can shed some light on this . thanks

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Oh goodness. I'm a 7 mos post Bacterial Meningitis survivor. But I have learned that the after effect of the bacterial and viral are very similar and in many cases identical. Please keep going to your Drs. You do need your health and progress checked, and they can determine the best medicines for you. In the meantime if you would like to talk to you others experiencing what you are, there is a group called Meningitis Survivors and Supporters you can join with people who have gone through this. There is also Meningitis Now that has lots of information and resources, but they are in the UK. Still a great place for info though. I encourage you to take a look and join into both groups. What you're experiencing is not abnormal and I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I know it's confusing because nobody tells you about it and no one seems to understand it's real when you try to tell them what's happening to you. Best wishes!@chris8515!


@meningone did u experience any thing like what i have been ?

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