150-200 mg of zoloft

Posted by da69 @da69, Apr 7 12:18pm

I was on 100mg of Zoloft for depression for over 20 yrs and all was good.
Covid hit and i got it ( I was vaxxed twice and boosted) and zoloft no longer worked so my primary doc switched me to Cymbalta over a yr and a half ago as he felt uncomfortable going any higher on zoloft.
Cymbalta did nothing so i found a mental health clinic and took genesight test and did tms therapy and tried all the suggested meds based on my genesight test.
Vraylar was the last med to try based on my genesight test and it was a disaster and it gave me akatisia at week 3 and i stopped taking it and paced and walked for 4 days with no sleep and took benztropine to help.
After 3 more weeks with no antipressent i have crashed bigtime and can barely stay awake…less energy which i couldnt believe was possible but it was.
So after all these meds my mental health doc suggested we try zoloft as dating back over 20 yrs it was all that ever worked.
He wants me to slowly build up to 150 and possibly 200mgs and see if i get relief and he said we may even go up to 250mg which scares me as i am reading 200mg is max dose.
I have a Mayo clinic appt May 31st pending insurance approval and i thought i could be med free going in but i cant do that based on how i feel.
Has anyobody got off zoloft for a couple yrs and gone back on it at a higher dose and had it work again?…Anybody on 150-200mg or even 250mg now?
Zoloft is the only med to every work for me until it didnt work after i got covid and nothing before it worked or after it has worked.
Any insight would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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….dont think my issue will help you, sorry, but just to say was on low zoloft dose with clonazepam/klonopin for about 15 years, increase in zoloft when had a flare up of sorts: i took myself off mid 2018 when told had narrow angle glaucoma and it can cause glaucoma and raise eye pressure… cold turkey… for six months. Then a new dr put me back on zoloft and took me off clonazepam! Oddly enough, when I went back on zoloft i started having hert pounding day and night and mostly at night never had before… after five months or so took myself off it again, dr wasnt happy but I assured him that TWO DAYS after stopping zoloft again the heart pounding stopped; by then was back on clonazepam half low dose. So not the high doses you had but strange how same drugs affect people in different ways. Please, just as a thought from me, is to have your eye pressure checked and what is more important "field of vision" eye test (doesnt hurt) to make sure your peripheral vision is ok… even the clonazepam i am still on "can" cause high eye pressure but high eye pressure does not automatically mean Glaucoma and low eye pressure does not automatically mean you dont or wont have Glaucoma: dont want to scare anyone but am sure you will find this caution on Internet. Best of luck da69, J.


My story is similar to yours I was on Zoloft 150 for 22 years and it seemed to stopped. I begged my doctor to help me . She weaned me off of it. And now we tried prozac effexor Lexapro remenron and nothing helped now it's a year later and she put me back on Zoloft I worked my way up to 150 it's been a week now on 150 and it's just not working I pray any day now it does. I wish I new where I could get another opening sometimes I am so down. I hope you get released soon. I can't believe your story is like mine.

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