10cm x 10cm Splenic cyst Found incidentally on a CT Scan

Posted by cramold @cramold, Nov 8 4:15pm

So early October the cyst was found by doing a CT scan for something else… After Ultrasound and CT with contrast my local surgeon here in town was not comfortable doing this type of surgery. He told me I need to see a Hepatobiliary Surgeon. So, I made appointments with a Cleveland Clinic Doctor and University Hospital Doctor. They both stated extremely rare and not a lot of info out there regarding these Splenic Cysts and neither have done one surgically. I have decided to move forward with the University Hospital Doctor. I have discomfort sitting and doing yard work. I am told it's about the size of a softball. I also know it is not Parasitic (I took the test). I am having an MRI done in 2 weeks to see what the fluid is inside. My surgery is set for early December. My doctor's plan is to do the ROBOTIC SPLENIC CYST FENESTRATION, POSSIBLE OMENTAL FLAP. I am just curious to see if anyone else out there had this procedure done? If so, any feedback? Thanks.

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Hi @cramold, I can imagine that this is worrisome. I'm tagging fellow members @emmie13 @julianamoon @renesbaby19 @momofjohn, who talked about splenic cysts in this discussion:
– Splenic Cyst https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/splenic-cyst/?pg=13#chv4-comment-stream-header

I'm not sure if anyone has had a laparoscopic fenestration or not. I've been reading a bit more about this approach in a few case studies available online like this one:
Laparoscopic Treatment of Splenic Cysts https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3015395/

The laparoscopic approach to splenic cysts seems to offer advantages over traditional open surgical procedures. How are you feeling about the upcoming surgery?


Thank you for sharing!! I am trying to educate myself as much as I can. Was hoping to find someone out there who has experienced this type of surgery and get some feedback. I am a little nervous since this type of surgery has not be performed. The Dr who is doing my surgery has removed several Cysts off Livers and has been successful. I feel very confident with him. I will check out the article links you attached. I will definitely circle back here once my procedure is done to give some feedback on my status. Maybe that will help someone else someday. It’s nice to hear someone else’s story who was been thru it. Thanks again!

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