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10 YR PLUS Issue with Bruxism/Possible ptsd/ asthma / bruxism

Posted by @veranopage, Mon, Dec 3 10:29pm

I am looking for assistance for a friend of mine. She has been suffering from several symptoms for the last 10+ years. She is 30 yrs old and has a slim build, about 5'4. She has anxiety and possibly PTSD, partly because of a past relationship. She has asthma, scoliosis and Reynaud's syndrome (phenomenon) . In addition to those she has one leg that is slightly shorter than the other by less than an inch. Also has teeth grinding issues, called bruxism and deals with constant jaw pain and migraine headaches. She is tense quite often, and when I say tense, I mean her whole body. She went to get a deep tissue massage and the massage therapist couldn't believe the knot that was on her upper back. She is on her 3rd mouth guard due to bruxism but this doesnt always help, in fact it rarely does. She always has trouble sleeping.
She is on the following drugs- atenolol
Ambien CR (zolpidem)
Apri (desogestrel / ethinyl estradiol)
Luvox (fluvoxamine)

I truly want the best for her. With that being said, what can we do to start resolving this? She has seen many doctors but no one has yet to say what could be the issue. This all started back when she was in middle school. Bruxism may run in the family as well.

ALSO- Please advise if this should go into another thread! I believe the root cause is myofascial pain syndrome, bruxism is just a symptom of it. Correct me if I am wrong!


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