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@bumblebee, @jenniferhunter Good morning, thanks for the feedback. I have a couple of thoughts about the MFR treatment. Did she talk about the tension in her neck with the MFR therapist? Usually, my MFR therapist asks me to walk up and down the room so that he/she can see what areas might have restrictions that are visible to the MFR therapist and they begin treatment in that region of the body. Also, results improve once the fascia in the area becomes unrestricted. That may take several treatments before the results are evident. Or there may be layers of fascia and it takes time to release the restriction in each layer. Also check the level of the therapist. It should be at the Expert Level. That likely means that they have had special training for the head/neck (cranial sacral) areas. You may want to ask about a cervical collar to wear as recommended. They also give support where needed while the tissue is healing. Another option I keep handy is a neck wrap that I put in the microwave and then place around my neck.

Jennifer, please check me out on these recommendations. I think we have to remember that our heads weigh about 13 lbs. that we have to carry around wherever we go. It needs good support. Best wishes for a pain-free day. Chris

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@artscaping Hi Chris. Yes, good advice. I'm not sure if a cervical collar would help because usually the problem is that the body isn't moving correctly. I just posted a lot of information I looked up today. Yes, you need an expert level therapist who can feel these things through their hands. You can always call Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona , AZ and ask for a recommendation. I've been doing this MFR work about 4 years, and I still have more work to do. I really does help.

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