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Treating Osteoporosis

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Hello, I’m new to this group. My osteoporosis is not improving and after a dexa scan my doctor wants me to go on a drug. Tried one before and experienced a REALLY bad reaction. It was Ibandronate Sodium. Don’t know what “family” it’s in. Having horrible pain when lying down.

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Hi @mohavegal, and welcome to Connect. Managing osteoporosis can be challenging, especially if you’re experience significant pain while lying down. How have you currently been managing the pain?

I’m tagging @spiritbird2 and @irishk – both members posted this week about osteoporosis and managing pain, medications, etc.

Has your doctor suggested a specific medication for you?

Currently I’m using standardized Curcumin. My doctor gave me prescription for meloxicam but it irritated my stomach. Have decided I just won’t use the chemical drugs. The fastest relief I’ve found is from a homeopathic cream. Traumeel and it comes from Germany.
I want to fix the problem not medicate it.

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Yes, my doctor very strongly insisted I go on Prolia.Guess I’ll see what happens

I am trying Atelvia delayed release tablets. Been on it for one year and have not had any bad side affects.
Waiting for results on new bone scan to see if numbers stayed the same or better. It is taken after breakfast
with 4and one half ounces cold water. Stay upright for 30 minutes. This is better than others that you take on an empty
stomach and then stay upright for 30 minutes. One of my Doctors has lowered my Calcium, said it might get too
much in my blood and that would be bad. Anyone please comment Thanks

My dr wants me to try Prolia as well. Haven’t started yet because I had to get some dental first. Have you started it? My only concern is the necrosis of the jaw. Not sure what to do.

I have not tried any of the bisphosphonates…too scary for me. At one time my endocronologist asked if
i needed dental work, that was a clue to me not to try these meds.

My rheumatologist advised me to take Atelvia, but i’m so afraid to start. He mentioned to get calcium from
food rather than tablets. You mentioned you have not had any bad side effects, thats encouraging for me
to hear. I might have to go back and see him to get a script for Atelvia.

Good decision, @caress. The FDA reports that Fosmax and other bisphosphonates don’t rebuild bone, but only prevent it from degrading. Another therapy is indicated, and a second opinion may be needed to find it.

@caress and all, if you’re looking for a physician to treat osteoporosis — or give you a second opinion on your treatment plan — consider the recommendation of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, a division of the National Institutes of Health. Their web page should be helpful in your search: http://www.niams.nih.gov/Health_Info/Bone/Osteoporosis/find_doctor.asp.

Has your Dr. Talked about a different class of drugs? If the normal ones bother a patient there are other kinds of drugs people can take, like Proleia. Don’t give up unless your Dr. Recommends you do. Your ability to walk is on the line.

I had my first Proleia shot in April and no side effects. My Dr. Said the side effects are rare. Having a problem with my jaw would be very difficult, but not being able to walk would be far worse.

I’m currently reading a book called Death By Calcium by Thomas E Levy, Md. It is making a whole lot of sense, if you are interested. I am following what was recommended. Hope this helps.

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