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Thank you . I know it can be scary but I know that God is with me all the way. I believe he will see me on through this. I trust he is giving the doctors the knowledge to treat this Afib.Please believe no matter how afraid you get,I believe it’s going to get better.we need to think yes it’s scary but I’m going to get relief soon.If you need someone to talk to I’m here. I always need encouragement and I sure do me to learn more about Afib.God bless

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I’m getting my 2nd ablation next week May 17th 2023. My last one was June 2020. I know you’re only suppose to be in the hospital over night but I was there 6 days last time. I really don’t know why. I never saw my doctor during that time. I’m 71 and I’m scared to death to go through this again. Please pray for me. Thank you. I’ll pray for you and all others too. 🙏

Thank you so much for your the encouragement . I know what you mean.If it weren’t for the previous lord it would be a lot harder getting through this. I’m getting better changing the way I think,most of what’s going on with me is the way I think.No matter what I’m going through God will help to get me through it.I’m a born again Christian.The bible tells us not to fear and his peace he leaves with us. I’m going to stand on this.God bless you.If you ever need a friend I’m here.You keep calling on him.He’s the best friend you will ever need.We will get through it this.🤗🙏