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Thank you so much. I too suffer from panic attacks & anxiety but I really do think it's the fear of the unknown etc. I take metacor 25mgs 4 times daily. I pray that my heart is still healing & I have to learn to relax when I am in an episode. Easier said then done. Thank you again. Lovely to hear from you.

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Thank you . I know it can be scary but I know that God is with me all the way. I believe he will see me on through this. I trust he is giving the doctors the knowledge to treat this Afib.Please believe no matter how afraid you get,I believe it’s going to get better.we need to think yes it’s scary but I’m going to get relief soon.If you need someone to talk to I’m here. I always need encouragement and I sure do me to learn more about Afib.God bless

Thank you for replying. I feel better knowing that I’m not alone. I trying to educate myself more about Afib .I have had so much anxiety and was getting depressed. I had the ablation on march 28-2023 and a week ago I had an afib attack. I know my heart is healing.but it scared the hell out of me when I had the Afib attack.. I went to the doctor he explained that I was in the healing period that I need to get my anxiety under control..Im doing better now with lots of prayers..God bless