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Transplant: Amoxicillin for dental appointment

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Good morning @athenalee 😊 Yes, you are correct!
This Friday morning are my liver tests to try and diagnose my elevated liver enzymes.
I think everyone is pretty confident that it's the medications that are causing it, but I think they also want to check for any damage since the enzymes have been elevated since my transplant over a year ago. I will definitely keep you posted on my results!
Also, I started Fosamax and I think it's causing even higher liver numbers and I may need to change to Prolia for my osteoporosis.
Thank you for always being so supportive Athena!!
Talk to you soon…and Happy Thanksgiving Day! ❤ I am thankful for your friendship.

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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 @hello1234 my friend! I’m sending positive good liver enzymes vibes your way! Let us know what happens and what your team says.

I’ll be curious too what they say about Alendronate. It’s not supposed to interact with Tac, but does have hepatotoxicity listed as a rare side effect.

Athena 🤗

@hello1234, Tests tomorrow? I'll be thinking of you and hoping for successful diagnosis of your cause of elevated liver enzymes.
@leahdrose, I have my fingers crossed that your doctors will find information in your tests so that your problem can be treated.

I look forward to hearing your updates.
I hope that you both had a pleasant Thanksgiving Day.

@hello1234 Good luck on your test today. My liver enzymes were also elevated after the transplant when I was on high dosage of immunosuppressants. It must be from the meds. Sending good vibes and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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