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Has anyone suffered with C diff

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Hi @subie and welcome. We already have several conversations going on about C-Diff so I moved your post to a current one so that you can connect with people like @d13, @lengel, and @euqcaj

Are you currently suffering?

My hubby suffered with c-diff, and his story is quite different. He was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis last year September. He was put on prednisone and asacol and did really well until March this year,2021. He was feeling a bit of gastritis so we went to the Dr who put him on antibiotics – after taking the antibiotics he flared and the Dr put him on steroids again, after tapering the steroids he would flare again, even though his diet remained the same. The Dr would put him back on steroids and he would flare again. Since march this year, he flared every time they tapered him off steroids. So in total, he flared 7 times. Eventually got so bad , he ended up in hospital. He was tested straight away with c – diff being positive. They treated him in hosp for this and then tested again out of hospital which the results came back positive again, only this time making him extremely sick almost felt like he was flaring. So the Dr put him back on steroids treating it as a flare even thou he did not have full blown flare symptoms. He finished vancomycin for the 2nd time and was re-tested. Thankfully the c -diff was negative. His inflammation was also the lowest its ever been since last year. I pray for everyone going through such horrible diseases. Btw, the previous dr did not test my hubby for c-diff while having numerous flares. Thank god, the dr on duty at the time in hospital did otherwise he would've kept going on steroids thinking it was a flare yet it was c-diff that was present for months. Love to all who are suffering, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.