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Burning Mouth Syndrome. I have it very severe.

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I am 53 and I have had burning mouth for about a year now. I have been to dentists, pychiatrist, family doctor and everyone of the docs tell me to see another doc it is so frustrating … I am bipolar and take meds for it but this is a very depressing ailment in itself. All the docs look at you and don’t know what you are talking about, so I do my own researching all the time and I found this site….if anyone has found something that helps PLEASE let me know.

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It’s awful I know 🙁

And I also have been to every Dr. in the world who looks at me like I’m from another planet & tells me to see a different Dr. & you wind up going in circles!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

I have found a wonderful group on Facebook. They are way ahead of dr’s. I urge everyone to join us and discuss what you are going through. I went to Mayo and was so disappointed at the end of my appt. They do not know anything. Please try FB.

what is the name of your group on face book. I suffer from burning mouth sev

Just type facebook.com/burning mouth syndrome I think. If you have problems let me know.

I started with my dentist who said ‘nothing wrong with your teeth. They look great.’
He sent me to my primary care doctor who prescribed an anti fungal med. Didn’t work. She tried something else. No luck, so she sent me back to dentist – who sent me to an oral surgeon. He diagnosed bms. I’ve seen him 3 times. Tried different meds. No help. In 4 months, i’ve Gone from’great teeth’ to receding gums. I’m glad to have found this group.

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