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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 18. I’m now 30. Early in 2011, I saw a new GI doc for unexplained feelings of fullness after eating a very small amount of food, nausea and vomiting and severe pain- all revolving around eating. He ordered a gastric emptying studying and told me I had “mild delayed emptying,” which he classified as “mild gastroparesis” on my chart. He gave me Zofran 4 mg to take as needed and hyosciamine for stomach spasms. At the beginning of this year, lost 15 pounds in 2 months due to the worsening of these symptoms. I’ve had many sleepless nights with a horribly painful distended stomach- last night being one of the worst- and I’m on 3 nausea medications- tigin, emend and marinol- and heavy doses of all 3. I was in the hospital in February for 2 weeks with an NG tube and sent home with the medications I mentioned. I was severely dehydrated when admitted, as I’m not always able to tolerate liquids either. My GI doc requested a psych consult and I was grilled by a psychiatrist and his nurse as soon as I had a bed and fluids had been started. The outcome of this was that I did not need additional psychological intervention. (I see a therapist every 2 weeks b/c of this and other chronic pain I deal with- Fibro and osteoarthritis). So here is where I’m at: I was supposed to get in with a doctor who has access to a trial drug, but I was denied access to the program because my scan only shows mild delayed emptying. Yet my symptoms are of someone with a very severe form of it. The psychiatrist determined it’s not psychological. So what am I supposed to do?? The only reason I’m gaining weight is due to the marinol, which increases my appetite but then I have to deal with the pain and nausea of eating. I don’t vomit as much, because of the drugs, but I still feel nauseated after eating (even on an full liquid diet). I’ve kept food diaries for years and tried everything. I tried gluten-free. I eliminated “toxic” chemicals (those found in diet pop), caffeine- you name it, I’ve tried it BEFORE this took over my llfe in January and I’m continuing to eat as tolerated but I’m in hell. Does anyone else have a gastric emptying test that shows mild delay, yet you have severe symptoms? If so, I would love to hear from you. I hate the marinol b/c it doesn’t help much with the nausea and makes me want to eat, after which I feel horrible. Please please tell me there is someone like me out there, and that help is available. Any and all replies are appreciated.
P.S. I was in the ER last twice last week due to dehydration and pain that is unbelievable and off the charts. I don’t understand 🙁

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Hi @susanpsg and welcome to Connect. You may have noticed I moved your post to this existing discussion on gastroparesis so that you can meet others who may have similar discussion. Simply click VIEW & REPLY to find your post and read what others have said about their lives with gastroparesis.

I also wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect members, @suemer, @ktracyf and @donnak142 as they have experience with gastroparesis and may be able to offer you support and share their experiences.

Back to you @susanpsg how has your doctor suggested you be treated at this time? Is there anything you can do to lessen the pain at this time?

Hi, @lell, this is Mamacita, from the Adults on the Autism Spectrum group. Years ago, when my gastroeneterologist said that I "might" have gastroparesis, my cousin, a Biologist, gave me an exercise to do where I "suck in" my abdomen, and release. Repeat. As many as you can do comfortably. And throughout the day. About this time I started eating gluten free, all except for one small yogurt each day. This progressed to Paleo, and now finally, Lazy Keto. I also have four gummy probiotics per day. I eat mostly vegetables and protein, maybe a handful of strawberries or blueberries. I also have IBS and Diverticulitis, along with severe food allergies. However, with the measures taken that I have mentioned, I have no symptoms from any of those conditions. Try to find a really good specialist for a second opinion. Who knows, you might like that doctor even more. What I have mentioned works for me, and many others. It may or may not work for you. I wish you good success on the path to health in this new year!


I was diagnosed with mild gastroparesis ( they're just guessing) , but my symptoms are very severe. My gallbladder was removed in October of 2017 and 3 days later I became ill . I have been sick ever since… and it is now January of 2019. I have chronic and severe nausea everyday, lack of appetite, bloating and distention , stomach cramps, etc. I have had every test done that they can do and they still haven't figured out exactly what's wrong with me. In the meantime I suffer , and suffer greatly. They have tried every medication on me except for one , which my doctor is trying to get for me as we speak. If anyone has had their gallbladder out and then continue to have chronic nausea and GI issues PLEASE let me know what you have done to heal yourself of it

I am in so much pain and no one seems to find the reason why. I am in and out of the doctors offices and hospitals with no answer. I was first being treated for UTI and was on Keflex for 2 weeks. After that I started getting pain in the right side of my kidneys. Went to the hospital and they did a CT scan and lab work and everything was ok. I am having EXTREME upper abdominal pain that radiates to my back. I lost 17 pounds in two weeks. I can't eat without it going right through me. I believe I have what is called gastroparesis

Hi @tross,

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@tross, have you been diagnosed with gastroparesis? How are you coping with the symptoms?

Hi, my name is Tracy and I was diagnosed with gastroparesis about 3 weeks ago after a year of vomiting, stomach pain, countless trips to the ER, 5 hospital stays and 39 lbs lost. I also have long term back pain after an injury and multiple surgeries, fibromyalgia, Sjogren's Syndrome (an autoimmune disease like Lupus only everything is dry, including my digestive tract), osteoarthritis, and a weak immune system that requires IVIG (IV immunoglobulin treatments ) once a month to try to boost my ability to fight infections and such. I started with vomiting binges five or six years ago. They'd happen once a year at first, then twice until this last year, where was sick more than not. I had Zofran, but just the taste of it started making me sick to my stomach, then my potassium would tank and we'd be running back to the ER.

I wasn't able to have the gastric emptying test because I have an internal pain medicine pump which would have caused a positive result regardless, but I've seen the same gastroenterologist each time I've been in the hospital, and he's done or had done every other test, some 2-3 times, and seems that gastroparesis really fits the bill. The last time I was in, the first week in Jan., he gave me Reglan and Phenergan suppositories for when I can't take anything by mouth. He added Prilosec ER in Dec. and Bentyl as needed up to 4 times a day. He would have liked me to take the Reglan all the time, but my family doctor is very afraid of the side affects, and she's really been up on things since I switched to her about 5 years ago – she did everything she could to get me in to a gastroenterologist in an area where you can wait up to 6-8 months for an appointment, so I've been using it as needed and that seems to be working.

Since my last hopsitalization, I've been on the gastroparesis/FODMAP diet, so I've been staying away from gluten, lactose, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, anything high fiber except 5 doctor approved prunes minus skins each night so that the opioids don't cause more problems that I don't need. I've been doing pretty well. Since I really wasn't eating anything for the past year, I don't feel deprived at all, and I eat smaller, more frequent meals, like everyone else. I've been able to cut back a bit on my pain meds, which I imagine can't hurt, and will talk to my pain doctor next week about the possibility of turning down the internal pump. I know I won't be able to get rid of it completely, it takes care of an area of my spine that had already been fused when I injured it in a car accident, but I figure every little bit can help.

I'm not usually as positive as I sound today, but so far, I've had a good week. My husband's been very supportive (which wasn't always the case). He made a really good soup with things that I can eat and I feel like I've been at a banquet fit for a king since Sunday, But this is a real change for me after a year of hell. I hope it continues and I hope others have some days like the last few I have.

Sorry for going on so long, Tracy

Sorry if that was a repeat intro, but I didn't see my earlier post. Tracy

I was diagnosed , with Gastroparsis a couple years back, also have Barrett’s disease & 2 ulcers in my esophagus , that tend to bleed & drops my hemoglobin To dangerous levels .
Has anyone else have any of these problems, that can give me some dietary tips ?

Hi @sickirishlass,

I’d like to add my welcome, and also let you know that I moved your message and combined it with this existing discussion. As @fourof5zs mentioned, I thought it would be beneficial for you to be introduced to the many members who are discussing much of what you are experiencing.
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May I ask if you could share a few more details, @sickirishlass? How are you coping and managing your symptoms at present?

I put myself on a liquid/soft food diet, & still getting Severe nausea and upset even throwing up. My hemoglobin keeps going low because the ulcers in my esophagus tend to bleed , my hemoglobin went to 4.3 at the beginning of the month while getting blood I had a heart attack . All the gastrologist I saw tell me there’s not much more they can do for me. I am on a lot of medications. I will be going to the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday & hopefully I’ll get some answers. I have a constant tummy-ache , with bloating and nausea ,

I am a 39 year old female that was diagnosed with Gastroparesis last year after a decade of "issues". It never bothered me before this past year but the symptoms have drastically worsened. I am seeing several GI Specialists in my area and one at the UW Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. They have had no real answers for me in regards to treatment, management, dietary, etc… I suffer from severe constipation with excessive flatulence (farting), bloating, pain and distention. Even Miralax and Milk of Magnesia daily hasn't helped. It has taken over my life. I am a very active outdoors woman and have little to NO energy now. I don't have the vomiting like most. Just the other symptoms of constipation listed above. I also developed some Hemmorrhoids which have been difficult to manage as well.

Since I haven't had much help or testing done this past year, I am looking to going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and was curious to here about others opinions and experiences with the specialists there and in general of how you're living with this disease and the complications and health issues that accompany it. It has greatly affected my mental health but go to therapy weekly.

Thank you anyone who might be able to offer advice or suggestions! Much love to all of you going through this or similar health issues.

I was just Admitted thru ER my hemoglobin dropped from 9.0on Monday to 5.6 today, giving me 2 units so I can make it to Mayo on Tues . I can tell my ulcer is bleeding. OH BOY

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