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HCM and Head rush sensations

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My diagnosis was made about three years ago — after many years with Mitral Valve Prolapse (which had been confirmed after a fainting event). With the MVP, my chief symptoms were occasional chest pains and dizziness. For me, HCM introduced fatigue and occasional edema. My medications (Metoprolol and Losartan) have been a great help; the edema seems to be controlled and my blood pressure is regulated. Fatigue remains a problem, but a bearable one; and the chest pains recur often — usually around the time of the dizziness. What concerns me is the dizziness. It is sometimes severe, but always it is accompanied by eye pressure and, at times, a tightness and slight pain around the eyes/temples. My wife insists that the dizziness and eye pressure are caused by an allergy/sinus problem. My physician is uncertain. Does anyone have similar symptoms? My concern is that the increasing dizziness might suggest a progression of the HCM. We have an appointment with the physician in late July, and the question will be Would an adjustment of my meds improve these symptoms? Does anyone have any ideas about the dizziness-eye pressure combo?

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@archer, I notice that there is another related discussion in the HCM group called
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I'm tagging the same fellow HCM-ers @ajand @superdave98557 @sheim @rrowner2 @angiev18 @badmac on this discussion to see if anyone has had a similar combination of dizziness and eye pressure.