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Hi @rfriend50 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'd like to bring @contentandwell @gingerw @cmael and @danab into this discussion to share their experiences with Medicare and filling immunosuppressive medications post transplant. While we wait for others to respond, you may be interested in reading this discussion:
– What are the financial challenges after transplant with medicare? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/finance/

Rfriend50, is this a recent change that a new prescription is required every month?

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Yes. The first time was June 8, and the second time last week. Medicare claims it is an action by CGI llc. who handles the claims. The Walmart pharmacy is helpful but when they submitted the refill order it was rejected and they were told they need NEW prescription each month.

@rfriend50 @colleenyoung My husband recently went on Medicare. He was transplanted with new-to-him kidney Oct 2016. His insurance until end of May this year, was Kaiser Permanente. You may want to check about a different prescription drug plan, to cover your medications. He has signed up with a Plan G provider, and so far has had no issue. He has a fair supply of his current meds coming in to this coverage, and has not needed to avail himself of the plan, yet. It may be because of the expense of medications, or your time out from transplantation. When was your surgery?

I have a Medicare advantage plan with Humana. I’ve never had any problem getting 90 day prescriptions. I still get my Tacro, Cellcept and Prednizone from Mayo specialty pharmacy. I have other prescriptions that I get from Humana pharmacy. I have a 0% copay for most, but the immunosuppressants from Mayo have a small co pay.

I'm glad I live in Ontario Canada. If you don't have medical coverage at work the Trillium Program kicks in and pays for your prescriptions 😃