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Lichen Planopilaris...newly diagnosed

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Hi tsafer. Join the club–the one you don't want to be a member of. I've dealt with LP off and on for many years–mostly in my gums. I began a flare in August and now have it in various places all over my body. Dermatologist said this flare was due to his freezing off precancerous places on my face and hands. I have itching of the scalp and have lost quite a lot of my hair. I've been through a few cream-type treatments and trying to be watchful of diet, in case that can be a problem as well. You will see so many prescription and natural treatment suggestions. As you read this group's input, everyone seems to be different. LP is a very mysterious condition. Best of luck. Keep us updated if you will. Faye

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I’ve had lichen planus on my gums. A dentist gave me injections (wish I knew the name … I think it was some sort of steroid) in my mouth which cleared it, as well as the psoriasis all over my scalp and body, within a week but the effect lasted only a few months so I went back to her and asked for another set of injections. She told me this was not a permanent solution and referred me to a dermatologist who put me on Methotrexate which also cleared my lichen planus and psoriasis eventually, till I reduced the dosage. Long story … but going back to the lichen planus, in my case staying off mushrooms has helped. Any time I eat mushrooms- even have a lick of mushroom gravy – my gums flare up.

I have 4 autoimmune skin diseases and recently the biopsy results showed positive for LPP. I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and sjorgen's syndrome. I am thinking making I have a Mast Cell colection of diseases. Has anyone else been thinking about this? I also have iron deficiency anemia that gets really bad.