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Dizzy still after my liver transplant

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Just a quick piece of advice, if you are feeling dizzy sit down or get your head low. I am very tall so I've learned over the year's if I feel dizzy or off balance it is best to just sit down, even if it's on the floor. If you do end up passing out it will prevent you from getting seriously injured.

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I'm short, and never thought of that. Thanks, Jolinda!

@jolinda I too am short and I always find a place to sit when feeling dizzy. Most grocery stores here in London ON have chairs or benches near the doors. I always make sure I know where they are as i tire easily (still) maybe more exercise is what I'm needing. Working on that!

@gaylea1 Great advice from @jolinda, and find it as quickly as you can. I had a Pre-syncope episode and knew I might faint so was heading to the sofa to sit. Before I made it out of the kitchen I went down on the tile floor and ended up with a fractured femur. Turned out it fractured because I now have rather severe osteoporosis which had not been diagnosed. I doubt it would have fractured if not for that but I’m sure I would have been quite sore.
Sometimes in the morning, if I didn’t get enough sleep I am light-headed. When that happens I will not drive even when it means skipping a water aerobics class.

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