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Reny (@reny)

Celiac Disease (refractory type)

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Hello Reny @reny, Welcome to Connect. You mentioned that you also have IBS and Celiac Disease. There is another discussion that was recently started where you can meet @jjren and @sue225 who have also discussed Celiac disease and IBS. Which symptom bothers you the most?

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Replies to "Hello Reny @reny, Welcome to Connect. You mentioned that you also have IBS and Celiac Disease...."

I would have to say right now, the symptom that bothers me the most is the sheer exhaustion I feel after 'dumping' after a few days of constipation. The abdominal pain pain I feel every day. How can I have a relationship like this? I have constant gas and bloating no matter what I eat. I look like I am pregnant all the time. It is horrible.

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