Celiac Disease/IBS and Tachycardia

Posted by jjren @jjren, Mar 29, 2019

Does anyone diagnosed with Celiac Disease, IBS or any other GI condition have episodes of tachycardia (fast heart rate)? I have issues with my ascending colon and am wondering if my intestine is pressing on anything causing the tachycardia.

@jjrenn – tachycardia has several causes. I experienced it with MALS, when celiac artery is compressed by a ligament. This was before diagnosis. My daughter developed tachycardia out of the blue- she was later diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease- overproduction of cortisol. In her case there was a pituitary tumor. Same could happen with tumor in adrenal gland, causing overproduction of cortisol- leading to tachycardia.


I was diagnosed with celiac disease in my 20's and have IBS-C (forever). Two and a half years was diagnosed with non-sustained ventricular tachycardia. I had had non-serious palpitations off and on over the years. Best to discuss with your doctor. My diagnosis came from having worn a 48 hour holter monitor. No doctor has ever mentioned to me a connection between the colon and my heart. I tend to think in my own particular case, I inherited this from my dad who had heart issues.


Yes I have celiac disease and IBS-C and non-sustained ventricular tachycardia. Re the heart : it is an electricity problem. Not related to the colon. Need to have a stress test and maybe wear a holter monitor. See a cardiologist.

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