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Hi folks, I was wondering if some of you or your loved ones have had experience with the Optune device in treating Glioblastoma and could offer your thoughts on what that experience has been like?
For instance, were you on other treatments PRIOR to starting Optune?
AFTER starting Optume, what are your experiences with quality of life, side effects, timing of starting Optune post radiation/surgery/etc., recurrence risks, etc.? Thank you!

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@daughterfuturemd, great questions. I moved your message to this existing discussion about the Optune device. In addition to @marcyprof, I'd like to bring @debraannk and @nursnis into this discussion to help you find answers to your questions about Optune.

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Is your father a candidate for the Optune device? Can you remind me what treatments he has had?

I was diagnosed with GBM in January 2023, had successful resection surgery, 6 weeks of proton beam radiation therapy and Temodar. Started second round of chemotherapy this month 5 days on/21 days off. I started Optune last week. I am also Mgmt positve for which I am so grateful. The Optune research data is promising and it takes some getting used to incorporating into my life style. I wish I had more to report but I am early in the process with high expectations. I started the keto diet as advised by my integrative oncologist but was having so much trouble with my appetite that we are focusing on that right now.