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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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I'm suffered for 7 days with what I thought was a bad case of the stomach flu until I went to my family doctor and they requested a stool sample and found from that that I had c-diff I believe this is the sickest I've ever been in my entire life

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@bluebananna. How did they treat you & how are you doing now ? When I presented with my horrible diarrhea I thought I might have Cdiff because I had taken a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection. I don’t take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I had taken clindamycin before so I wasn’t to worried. Then I got this horrible Cdiff. I’m like you, I’ve never been so sick. Mine happened on the weekend so I waited until Monday morning to call my dr. They sent me to the ER because I needed fluids. I was started on Flagyl initially. I got better but as soon as 3 days off I was sick again. This happened 3 times & my GII changed me to vancomycin. I had 2 weeks of it. I’ve been off now for 7 days & I’m definitely better, but not ok. I have a loose stool in the morning & maybe one more later, but I always feel like I need to go. Almost everything I eat hurts my stomach except very soft things like cream potatoes, eggs etc. I’m lactose intolerant so I have to be careful with yogurts & things like that. I stay afraid all the time that it’s coming bsck. My GI dr said my next step if it does is a FMT. I’m terrified. This stuff is a nightmare. I hope you can overcome yours. Some do with just one treatment. Just stay on top of it because most have reoccurrence.

Sorry to hear about your bouts with CDiff. What has been key to me is following a limited carb, low sugar, low fermentation diet. That finally got me on a healing path.

@bluebanana My heart goes out to you. I know exactly what you are going through. I had my first bout of C-diff in April after taking Clindamycin. The first week, I thought I had the flu. I had never even heard of C-diff. I took Flagyl for 10 days. That didn't work and a week later I took Vancomycin for 10 days. That didn't work and then I did the pulse and taper Vancomycin for 5 weeks. I was good for 3 weeks and then C-diff came back for a 4th time. I then took Dificid (fidaxamycin). I took that for 10 days and finished it on October 26th. I have not had a relapse and it will be 2 months next week. My gastroenterologist had me start taking the probiotic Florastor while I was on Vancomycin. I really think that also helps. It's the one probiotic that isn't affected by the acid in our stomach so it goes to work in your colon. The walls of our colon are where the C-diff spores thrive. I, like you, have never been so sick. And I think since I had it for so long with my first bout, it made it even harder to kill all the spores. I don't know what type of insurance you have. I know mine would not approve Dificid until I had taken Vancomycin. It's a costly drug. If you do relapse, I would definitely ask your doctor about prescribing it. I have another friend who was given this med after her second bout with C-diff. She's never relapsed since taking it and that was over 2 years ago. It's important to use bleach on everything in your bathroom. I even used Clorox wipes on the light switches, toilet handles, spray cans,,,, you name it. You need to be really cautious. And just using hand sanitizer does NOT work on Cdiff.

luky06 reply eat probiotic and strengthening your immunity

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I was ultimately not diagnosed with CDiff because two separate stool tests came back negative. My eventual diagnosis was SIBO. CDiff was initially suspected because I started having diarrhea shortly after finishing a course of Clindymycin.

I feel your pain. I to was put on clindamycin and contracted cdiff. I lost 22 pounds in 2 months was hospitalized over thanksgiving. I am on danactiv and havie been on vancomycin for a long time. I had in twice in two months. I too can not tell what to eat. Sometimes ok but meat seems to make it flare up. I was told about fecal transplant and I did research and have decided if not improving by January that is what I will do. Good luck to you.

Best of luck. 😀

@bluebanana How are you feeling? And what RX are you on? It took me three different RX's and 4 bouts of C.diff before one seems to be working. I took the last fidaximicin (Dificid) on Oct. 26th. My first C.diff episode was in April. And like you, I had never been so sick. The key is education so try to google and read up on things to do and what kills C.diff spores. Hand sanitizers will not kill the spores. It's important to use bleach and clorox wipes. I've never washed my hands as much. Hope you are feeling better.

@pines This has all been so helpful to me! I also had the gel like puss but didn't know about this website at the time and was really alarmed…My bowels are now starting to look a bit more normal (sigmoid colon removed on Nov 27, with first C-Diff bout in late October and second after the surgery). I started out with Vancomycin and this time I am on the tapered down Vancomycin, which will carry me through the first week in Thailand. I am hoping upon hope that I will get through last week there without a third bout. I am not sure right now about how vigilant I need to be about changing bedsheets, etc., I usually do once a week but am doing every other day now, along with using the medical grade Clorox to wipe things down. So afraid I am going to miss something and re-infect myself. After reading so many posts on this site, I am counting my blessings…grateful that so many of us can find suggestions/answers/ideas on this site. Thanks for sharing your experience, strength,and hope!

It is horrible. I lose hope everyone I feel better I get another bout of stomach issues.

@guthealth…….. most everyone say they got cdiff from antibiotics but that wasn't the case with me. Have no idea where or how I got it but I did. I might of gotten it the second time from the antibiotics I got on for the first round. Had three rounds of it one after another and then I was done and this has been three or four years ago…….. Good luck to you all……..

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