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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@ngorman25 I had never EVER heard of Cdiff before I got it. And I went almost two weeks thinking I first had the flu and then the Ecoli scare was going around with romaine lettuce and I thought I picked up Ecoli. So after waiting 12 days, I went to the doctor. By then, it had taken over by body. And I had googled enough things and saw a photo of Cdiff stool that looked just like what I had started passing. I never, in my life, thought I would be talking to people about BM's. 🙂

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@pines Same with me! I thought I had a stomach virus. But by the third day I started feeling very weak like I was going to faint. My daughter took me to the er and that's when they tested me and said I had cdiff. None of us had any idea what they were talking about! Actually, I think it's better that I had not heard of it back then cause I might have jumped out the window​! At first, they acted like I would be there for a few days. Eight days later they let me out and two days later I tested positive again! And the rest is history!

I am using three things that seems to help. "Beano"…over the counter. I buy the Walmart brand of the Beano, it helps a lot with gas. Then I also take, Probiotic 10–I take 3 of these with every meal. I recommend taking more if you can afford them. The last thing that seems to help the most is: It is a Soluble Fiber, called: Calcium Polycarbophil. It says it is a laxative on the bottle but it doesn't make you go, it says it is a bulk forming laxative…but it slows things down a bit in the gut.…it is nothing like Bran cereal. I can't eat ANYTHING Bran. This polycarbophil has REALLY helped a lot. I take 4 tablets every meal. I have been so ill with the after effects of the over use of antibiotics and C-diff I didn't want to live anymore.