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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@ngnorman25. I had 4 relapses of cidiff starting in October after clindamycin for a sinus infection. I got sick a few days after finishing. My pcp gave me Flagyl. I got better in a few days, but relapsed after a week. He gave me another round & that time. Then he sent me to my GI. I should have gone there to begin with, but actually I wasn’t sure that was it at first. I was given vancomycin at that time. I got better again & then 10 days after finishing vancomycin I had a bad relapse & had to be taken by ambulance to the ER. I was given IV fluids in the ambulance & then more at the hospital. I was positive for Cdiff again. I was given Deficid this time & went 32 days. I was so excited because I thought after all this time I was going to be ok. I had lost 20 pounds & that put me at a dangerous 85 pounds. My GI gave me 10 days of vancomycin to get me to a point to have an FMT. In the meantime he did a sigmoidoscopy & did 5 biopsies & they were all positive. Then I was told to get off the vancomycin 2 days before the FMT. He did mine through an endoscopy past my stomach into the small intestine. I have an extra long colon & he had a hard time during my last colonoscopy so he wanted to try the endoscopy way. He said it would go all the way through my intestine that way too. I’m 3 weeks out so we don’t know if it worked yet. He’s going to test 8 weeks out unless I get sick before then. I’m better, but I still have trouble with foods. I think I’m afraid to venture out. I don’t want to mess up this FMT because I’ll have to have another one, this time via colonoscopy. My gut is definitely messed up at the moment. I get bloated easily & have stools at different times. Sometimes it’s just a little & then a little more. Lots of times I feel pressure like I need to go & it’s a tiny amount of loose stool. I’m taking a probiotic & drinking Kefir & eating yogurt. I’m definitely not right yet & wonder if I ever will be.

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@sandyabbey I so feel your pain. I, too, have had 4 flare-ups since I got sick in September due to clindamycin for a tooth abscess. I, too, went down to 86 lbs. I don't have much hope for this fmt. My family gets annoyed when I say that. They don't get it. I, too, feel I will never be freed from cdiff. I will keep you posted.