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@shaker1956 I have follicular non hoghkin lymphoma stage III without any current symptoms. So they have me on a watch and wait regiment.. Every six month blood work and once a year a CT Scan. Every check-up has the wording of Lymphoma re-staging. I been under surveillance for almost three years now.
You should really find out the type of Lymphoma as there are if im not mistaken 47 types of NHL and several types of regular lymphoma.
I believe they are all treated differently.
I hope your feeling better soon.
Would you be willing to share what the Dr says after your next visit?
I'm seing the Dr. This week as well for re-staging, blood work and CT Scans. I will be reporting what he tells me in a few days.
I wish you the best.

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Hello Jackie. Thanks so much for your post. Going through a boatload of feelings here as I wont know what I’m dealing with until this coming Thursday when I have my first app’t at the Cancer Centre. I do know how crappy I’ve been feeling though!!!! Lol. I’ve decided to no contact Dr Google as I know I will drive myself nuts just reading. I’m dealing with daily headaches as well as sore stimach as I also have an enlarged spleen which I’m told is part and parcel of all this Lymphoma stuff. I’m also 11 weeks removed from taking a drug called Effexor and I think I have some sid effects from the withdrawal. How does one feel when you have Lymphoma???? Trying to get a few answers so I know what I may be dealing with. Sure not enjoying feeling like this. Enjoy your day…..

@shaker1956 I think we all feel differently based on the location of the lymph nodes involved?
My issue is on and off chest pain, supposedly due to gerd. Its just ironically located in the area near thymus where they found several swollen lymph nodes.

Yea I Dr. GOOGLED at first, when I got through reading everything online I had four malignant brain tumors, a heart murmur, and prostrate cancer. And I dont even have a prostate.

Personally I think our illnesses end up with illnesses?
It took months to start feeling better. They gave me acid reflux medicine.
Now as time went on the lymph nodes shrunk and the chest pains subsided? Once in awhile they come back then I have to try remember everything I put in my mouth. To see if that is culprit.

I also am more anxious now then before so a hang toenail makes my mind wonder is this caused by lymphoma. Lol.. That was a bit exaggerated but close to how my mind words.
I have to constantly remind myself im not dying.cause not only are they watching my lymphoma I am under surveillance for cecum cancer a breast spot, gerd and a glaucoma suspect.

The Drs today are so good they find things you didn't even know you had. Seriously.

It could be several.months till you feel better.
Are you well enough to hit a gym and workout? It may help speed up the healing? Ask your Dr about this?

You are eligible for a free twelve week workout assessment through the Livestrong strong program offered at a local YMCA.
Exercising I think helps.
Now if you find yourself dr googling post on her. I will answer as soon as I can.
Right now I just cruising the highway. So im free to chat.. Hubby is driving.. Lol

Hey TravelG. Thanks for the reply. I guess everyone dies feel different when it comes to some types of Cancer. I will just have to wait a few more days and see what they have in store for me. I’m told they take a bllod sample, make you wait an hour so they can analyze it and then the Doc sits diwn with you with a plan. I do exercise a lot. I walk my dog everyday as well as I cycle at least 10km’s. But I find my energy level is not where it was a month ago. I also start playing hockey next week so I’m really looking forward to that. Enjoy your day…..

That's exactly how the doctors at "my" clinic do it. I am always reassured when my doc does it just like somebody else….

Well it sure will take the guessing out of it. And hopefully onto feeling better!!!!!! Tired of the crappy feeling!!!!!

@shaker1956 I will touch back with you on thursday to see what the Doc says.
Hang in there it gets better.

Wow. I really gotta start proofreading before I press the post reply button. Lolol

Thanks Jackie. Will let you know Thursday. Enjoy your evening