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Hepatocellular Carcinoma / Liver Cancer

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I am just starting the treatment for my liver cancer ,it is one tumor only and they are going to do an embolization to kill it.The dr suggested a liver transplant . I insisted on treat the cancer and to put me on the list for transplant. I think the cancer has to be treated first because the wait for a liver donor can take up to 19 months.Any tips?

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Hello @japv2001

Yes, I would encourage you to connect with our Transplant discussion group. Here is the link to the many discussions there, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/transplants/ You will gain lots of information and support. Please read through some of these discussions.

I would also like to invite, @rosemarya, the group's mentor (she also had a liver/kidney transplant) and JK, @contentandwell (who had a liver transplant) to join the discussion with you. They are remarkable people (like all of the folks in the Transplant group) and they will be pleased to discuss their transplant experiences with you.

Do you have a date for the embolization?

I am in the same situation. Will go on the transplant list, there is a six month waiting time for HCC patients before they qualify for exception points, and will have the tumor treated. My team thinks that I should start the process of being listed so if things go awry with treatment I will already be listed for transplant. I agree with them. I think this is the best way forward for me. Hope this helps.

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