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Meniere's Disease

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Vertigo, nausea, unable to see correctly and severe ringing in the ears. When an episode occurs I must lay down as it's too difficult to walk. The reason I asked about the Betahistine is I had heard on NPR an interview with a Dr. David Kaylie MD FAC an associate Professor of surgery head and neck and Communication Sciences at Duke University speak of Betahistine as a med that they had had success with for patients with Meniere's. Also that it has been used for Meniere's in Europe for decades. My ENT dr. was not familiar with it nor was my family dr.. Am hoping someone that has taken it can pass on an opinion and also how to find a doctor that is aware of this medication.

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Had not heard of Betahistine, but will be interested in any comments. From what I am able to learn on the internet, it does not seem to be very effective even though widely used.

Very interesting that you saw negative info about it as Dr. Kaylie experienced much success with Betahistine. I am most interested to hear from those that have used it.

My husband is on betahistine and Lasix for his meniers didn't find that it did to much but again maybe it did. With the side effects of the different medications one never knew what was real or side affect. He wasn't able to function "normally" for awhile he went days in bed in fetal position not being able to keep anything down as he was so dizzy. At times when I took him to emerg as he got dehydrated he felt a bit better with iv fluids but it seemed like it just had to wait for it to pass……. so frusterating as mentally u just feel helpless not being able to do normal daily activities (even getting out of bed and get dressed ) just started a return to work after not being able to work for 2 yrs. Hang in there you got this!!

I take it and it seems to help