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Long-term depression

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Hi Sharlynn62,
I’ve read the sharing between you and others in our group. I’ve been depressed for so many times that it became a comfortable space for me to occupy as I knew where I was and what was happening. I learned to feel the pain and continued to function after several years of suffering. I would put on my actors face and go out into the world and fool those around me although I was crying inside. My Father would tell me that I was my worse enemy. I was so sick that I didn’t understand. Of all the lessons that I’ve learned is that once I accept my illness, I have been able to work on the illness by people who are willing to help me recover. These people are professionals and others who share the same sicknesses and hope is instilled. I’ve learned that acceptance and hope are two verbs that require action on my part. Action helps with optimism and optimism brings me out of my depression. I have no idea what your mental diagnosis is and the medications you take. Hopefully, your Doctor can help you with this portion of treatment. The best to you.

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Keep on pushing. I had a neurologist years ago who told me to keep on searching and don't let any doctor tell you that you're a hypochondriac woman! He was right. After 2 years of sickness and going to many doctors I finally found the one who diagnosed me with Lyme Disease – pretty depressing.

Thank you. I've been pushing for years and nothing

Hi @charlie75, I know this must seem so very basic … but where would one look to find a CBT group? That sounds to me like a fabulous idea.

@choppy — wanted to see how things are going for you?

Hi @charlie75. Your words are so helpful and inspiring. Support groups are so wonderful to me because there is such a sense of community. When I feel alone, I think about the kind words that have been said to me. When I think I have messed up really badly, I read or hear an encouraging that helps me feel like I can return to acceptance. Charlie, you are a breathe of fresh air. Thank you for your contribution to these pages. Blessings,

@swanie I have a friend who takes Trintellix for depression and klonepin for anxiety. She said she had been on every antidepressant ever made over the last 20 years, & the Trintellix is what lifted the clouds for her. Have you ever tried either of these two medications?