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Long-term depression

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Hi Sharlynn62,
I’ve read the sharing between you and others in our group. I’ve been depressed for so many times that it became a comfortable space for me to occupy as I knew where I was and what was happening. I learned to feel the pain and continued to function after several years of suffering. I would put on my actors face and go out into the world and fool those around me although I was crying inside. My Father would tell me that I was my worse enemy. I was so sick that I didn’t understand. Of all the lessons that I’ve learned is that once I accept my illness, I have been able to work on the illness by people who are willing to help me recover. These people are professionals and others who share the same sicknesses and hope is instilled. I’ve learned that acceptance and hope are two verbs that require action on my part. Action helps with optimism and optimism brings me out of my depression. I have no idea what your mental diagnosis is and the medications you take. Hopefully, your Doctor can help you with this portion of treatment. The best to you.

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I want to add to what Theresa said about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I’ve read the research that has shown that this seems to be the therapeutic technique/program that has the best results for those with depression. I have had varying levels of severity of depression (major episodes to dysthymia) since I was a teenager and have been in therapy for many, many, years. I have found that CBT works well mostly for persons with single episode depression and those who do not have complicated psychological histories. For me, it is too simple and doesn’t address the underlying issues that “feed” my depression. There are two other programs that can be used in therapy and independently that I just wanted to mention. One is Schema therapy, which was developed based on CBT, but takes it a step further. They say that this is effective with people who have accompanying personality disorders. I don’t have a “full-blown” personality disorder (I haven’t been diagnosed with one), but I do have longstanding psychological issues stemming from childhood and early adulthood experience, which this therapy addresses.

The other program is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It is used for a variety of problems, including something else I deal with, chronic pain. The focus is on acknowledging one’s struggles/problems, etc., learning ways to accept that they are part of your life, then moving on with learning ways to adapt, cope, etc. There is a lot of literature and many publications about this technique.

For those people who do not receive what they need to get well from CBT, I would suggest looking into the “programs” or therapeutic techniques I mentioned above.

All the best to you on your recovery journey!

@sharlynn62 Hello Sharon,

Thanks for adding some new ideas beyond CBT. I am interested in finding out more about Acceptance and Commitement Therapy.

Can you share with us about your experience with ACT?


The commitment and acceptance therapy sounds very much like the Mindfulness training nook I have been working through. Meditation to calm, center, and ground yourself. The point is then to accept what is real, don’t let yourself imagine things being any different, especially worse, than reality. It is helping me with my anxiety and a bit with depression.

@sharlynn62 Chronic depression coupled with chronic pain is a challenge. There are no answers for either.

@gman007 I cannot do meditation as it throws me into PTSD. Would that I could.

Hello every one I\'m new to this site I suffer from e u personality disorder anxiety and depression I\'m just wondering if anyone else has been put on quitiepine

Welcome to our group. I also suffer with anxiety and depression. I just started on Remeron and Lexapro. I\'ve not tried Quetipine. I\'m not familiar with e u. What does this mean?

Sorry emotional unstable personality disorder and I\'m also on sertraline 200 mg I\'ve just been weend off diazepam and put on quetiepine

Thanks! Hope you\'ll have great results. It\'s so hard to find something that works.


I\'m not familiar with quetiepine. Is it to take the place of diazepam? I take Klonopin for anxiety, along with Wellbutrin and Remeron for depression, and a few other things for pain and other issues.

I hope the new medication will be effective for you.


I don't understand what they mean by getting better. Who gets better? I have never gotten better. I take several meds. My doctor just sits there listens smiles at me and writes things down. I've tried 2 therapist 2 different Dr several different meds. Im going to be 57. I've had OCD anxiety and depression since 4th grade. I've never have been better.

Thanks for sharing that. Sounds like something I should look into.