Tis the Season to Give Blood

Dec 12, 2019 | Rebecca Hynes | @hynesrebecca

blood donor program

Looking for another way to give back this holiday season? If so, we are pleased to share that the blood donation pilot, which was a collaborative initiative for Mayo Clinic Volunteer Programs (MCVP) and Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program, was declared a success. During the six-week pilot, which concluded on November 30, a total of 28 volunteers participated. Thank you to everyone who participated or shared interest in participating in the future.

Due to the success of the pilot, we are transitioning this into an ongoing volunteer service opportunity. MCVP volunteers will remain eligible to receive volunteer time when registering to donate whole blood, double red cells, blood platelets and plasma at Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program. If deferred for any reason, you are still eligible to receive credit for your attempt to donate. This is a win-win-win situation – you receive volunteer service time (and feel good giving back directly to patients with your donation!), the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program receives your generous donation, and patients’ lives are saved.

Reasons to give

Every donation is valuable.

  • Each whole blood donation may help multiple patients.
  • The blood you donate with the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program stays right here at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured. It can only come as a gift from people like you.
  • The need for blood increases during holidays and summer months. People are more apt to be traveling and active during these times and thus are at an increased risk for accidents.

For frequently asked questions related to giving blood, more information is available online.

How to get involved

To receive volunteer time for your donation, please complete the MCVP blood donation form and have it signed by the Blood Donor Program staff. These forms are available at any of the campus volunteer offices, on this Mayo Clinic Connect page (on the Resources tab) and at the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center. At your convenience, return the signed form to any of the volunteer offices to have your time recorded.

  • For whole blood donations, you will receive one volunteer hour.
  • For blood platelets, plasma, and double red cells, you will receive two volunteer hours.

If you would have any questions, please contact a Mayo Clinic Volunteer Programs staff member.

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