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The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) has an online resource www.srtr.org which provides data about every organ transplant program in the United States. SRTR supports the transplant community with analyses, in effort to better patient results and experience through the evaluation of data collected by transplant programs and reported to SRTR.

Finding a Transplant Center

You can search and compare all transplant centers by organ. At the top of the SRTR webpage there is an option to select which organ you are interested in and then enter a state or zip-code to narrow your search results. You can also search for individual transplant centers by entering the program name. For example, enter “Mayo Clinic” in the Postal Code or Program Name box and click the search button.


Comparing and Understanding SRTR Data

SRTR provides the number of transplants a center does in a year, survival while waiting for transplant, time to get a transplant and survival rates both 1 and 3 years post transplantation. You can view a quick overview of a transplant center’s SRTR data by clicking “View Summary Data” or you can dive into the full report by clicking “View Complete Report” once you reach the page for each transplant center.

You can learn more by watching this informational video provided by SRTR: How to Compare Transplant Programs.

How SRTR Should Factor Into Choosing a Transplant Center

SRTR can provide potential transplant candidates with information that may be helpful in making an informed decision about transplant centers, but SRTR cannot determine which center is best for you. The best transplant center for each patient depends in many ways on the patient’s situation. Some patients want to select a transplant center that is close to home while others could select a transplant center based on its experience with patients that have similar conditions. Some insurance carriers may encourage their patients to find specific transplant centers. Individual circumstances dictate the best choice.

The experts at Mayo Clinic compiled a list of key factors to consider when selecting a transplant center that is right for you. Learn more. 

Other Links & Information

We encourage you to visit www.srtr.org to review the most current data. SRTR reports on each transplant center twice a year. Please check the SRTR website every once in a while on your transplant journey.

You can also visit here to read more about Mayo Clinic’s volumes and outcomes.