Why Choose Mayo Clinic for Transplant Care?

Jul 23, 2019 | Kristin Eggebraaten | @keggebraaten | Comments (2)

Many transplant centers in the United States are capable of providing transplant surgery and aftercare. Why would you choose Mayo Clinic for your transplant? The primary value of Mayo Clinic is “the needs of the patients come first”, and we feel this is the primary reason so many patients choose Mayo Clinic for their medical care. We know that there are many transplant centers available to choose from and patients are looking at many different aspects of their care when making that choice. We have created this Top 5 List of factors you should consider before choosing a transplant center.2019-06-17 Why Choose MC Blog

#1 Experienced Staff

Doctors who perform a handful of transplants a year are likely skilled, but at Mayo Clinic, our physicians perform more than 2,000 transplants per year. This experience gives our surgeons and medical teams expertise in many complex cases that other hospitals may not see. If you need a complex surgery such as a transplant, you want to know that your care team has extensive experience, and you should make sure they have the knowledge to deal with any issue that might arise before, during and after your surgery. Be sure to choose a transplant center that has proven experience in the type of transplant you need.

#2 Teamwork and Collaboration

Mayo Clinic has experts from every discipline who collaborate and work as a team. If you have a cardiac issue and you are going through kidney transplant evaluation, our kidney doctors have cardiologists in the office right next door whom they can consult for heart expertise. At some hospitals, those experts are at another campus or even in another town and that consultation could take weeks. At Mayo Clinic, we have a team of experts located close by who can share your medical record, sometimes in a matter of minutes if necessary. Having experts close by will reduce your time spent waiting for consultations and improve the efficiency of your care at a critical time when you don’t have a second to waste.

#3 Top of the Line Resources

Mayo Clinic provides their doctors and nurses with the best equipment, exam room space and support staff available. We have the highest quality medical equipment available for your radiology scans, blood work, and other medical tests. Our support staff is top notch, and they understand your needs and are there to help you with appointments, questions, and navigating the Mayo Clinic system and campuses. Make sure that the transplant center you choose has adequate staffing and up-to-date equipment to make your experience the best it can be.

#4 Hospitality House Partnerships

Mayo Clinic partners with transplant houses in each of our three locations. These houses are a home-away-from-home for transplant patients who have to remain at the clinic for their evaluations and surgeries. Our transplant houses are a perfect place for you to stay in a highly sanitized and supportive environment. You can meet others who are going through a similar situation, save money on housing and food while you are in town, and even get transportation to and from your appointments. When you choose a transplant center, look for affordable and clean housing close by. Ask for discounts if you are staying at local hotels.

#5 Quality Care and High Survival Outcomes

Mayo Clinic has been ranked as the #1 hospital in the nation by U.S. News many times in the last several years. Our quality of care is second to none, and our hospitals have received many awards in the past for high quality care. Survival outcomes for any organ at any transplant center can be found on the Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients (SRTR) website. Mayo Clinic consistently achieves some of the best outcomes in the nation. Make sure that the transplant center you choose has consistently high patient and organ (graft) survival rates. You can learn more about SRTR on our blog.

What aspects of the transplant center were most important to you when you made your choice?


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Being a liver transplant recipient, I agree with the 5 points listed in this article. Thank you Mayo Clinic for getting me through my liver health crisis!


I was sent to Mayo Clinic in Rochester by my local transplant team because they knew where I needed to be. I am forever blessed by the care that I have received.

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