One Liver, Two Lives

Sep 14, 2017 | Mayo Clinic Transplant Staff | @mayoclinictransplantstaff

Nearly 15,000 Americans are waiting for a liver transplant. Sadly, many may never get the call saying that an organ — and a second chance at life — has been found. Living organ donation is a promising alternative for those waiting for a liver transplant from a deceased donor. It’s an amazing act of generosity and courage.2017-09-13 One Liver, Two Lives Blog

Most people don’t know about living organ donation and the fact they can save a life by sharing a portion of their liver. The liver has the amazing ability to regenerate itself and grow back to its full size in a matter of weeks. Mayo Clinic is dedicated to raising awareness about the power of living organ donation. Explore our toolkits, share our posts on social media, and talk to friends and loved ones about the impact that can be made through living donation.

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Living Donor Toolkit
Most living liver donors are family and friends, and the hospital stay for a donor is typically less than a week. Visit our living donor toolkit to learn what living donors can expect with tests and screening, the procedure, risks, recovery, financial information and more.


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Recipient Toolkit
If you’ve been told you need a liver transplant, we’re here to help you learn about living organ donation. In our recipient toolkit, we’ll provide you with all the details, from finding a donor to recovering from your operation.



Is organ donation against my religion? What is the cut-off age for being a living donor? Is it normal to have doubts about becoming a living organ donor? Visit our FAQ tab to get these answers and many more.


Spread the word! One Liver, Two Lives

Raising awareness about living donation is important. Reading and sharing living donor information educates yourself and others on the need, process, and life-saving gift of organ donation. Share our recipient toolkit and living donor toolkit with your family and friends.



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