Mayo Clinic Transplant Center Highlight Series Part 3: Mayo Clinic in Arizona

Dec 16, 2020 | Olivia White | @oliviawhite | Comments (2)

MCAmss_0001836362With three locations across the United States, Mayo Clinic’s transplant center is the largest integrated transplant program in the nation. Each location has its own uniqueness of services provided and expertise. We are wrapping up our three part series with today’s post on Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Aside from the other two locations, Mayo Clinic in Arizona alone is the third largest transplant center in the country. In 2019, they performed 645 transplants. Here are a few of the unique offerings from our transplant center in the Southwest:

Liver Transplant Program – transplanting patients with lower MELD scores

At many medical centers, end-stage liver disease patients with relatively lower MELD scores are deemed noncompetitive for deceased donor liver transplant. At Mayo Clinic in Arizona, the liver transplant team implemented a comprehensive approach allowing surgeons to offer transplant more quickly at one of the lowest MELD scores nationally and they are seeing successful outcomes. This allows for the ability to expand the donor pool.  Learn more.

Liver Transplant Program – Hepatitis C is no longer a barrier for transplant

Organs from deceased donors are screened thoroughly to determine if the donor has an infection that could be transmitted to recipients through transplantation. In the past, donated organs that tested positive for hepatitis C were discarded. However, according to some of the latest studies, hepatitis C infected organs can safely be transplanted. Read more in our recent blog post or see the study published in November 2020 by some of our transplant physicians at Mayo Clinic. This study began at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona campus and has expanded to be studied at all three locations.

Kidney Transplant Program – Hispanic Kidney Transplant Program

The Hispanic population in the southwestern United States represents one of the largest cultural and ethnic groups in the nation. Mayo Clinic in Arizona developed the Mayo Clinic Hispanic Transplant Program, a culturally tailored approach to kidney transplantation. The program provides easy access to Spanish speaking transplant providers, educational sessions for the patient and their family to provide information around kidney transplantation and organ donation, helping address any barriers to transplantation. Learn more.





I have had two friends receive a kidney transplant at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. They both were very pleased with the quality of the support and medical teams there!


I received my Heart Transplant at Phoenix and love all the care and support from.the great staff there.

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