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Mar 7, 2022 | Miri Levi | @midwifemiri

Welcome to the home of Obstetrics, Midwifery, and Maternal Fetal Medicine at Mayo Clinic! Obstetrics and Gynecology services are offered at over 20 sites across the Midwest with 11 hospitals providing labor and birth care. Patients can be cared for by Obstetricians, Midwives, Family Medicine, Residents, and Maternal Fetal Medicine providers depending on their unique medical and personal needs. 

Our patients are managed by a multidisciplinary team that includes our nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, pelvic floor physical therapists, specialty gynecology providers, and our scheduling team to ensure our patients are fully supported throughout their healthcare journey. 

This blog will bring you useful articles from the Mayo Clinic team about obstetrics, midwifery, and maternal fetal medicine care at Mayo Clinic including information about prenatal care options, birth planning, and postpartum support for new parents and families. 

We hope you will enjoy learning more about the Obstetrics and Gynecology team members and services available in your communities. Follow the Pregnancy blog to receive notifications as new posts are published! You can also connect with us on Mayo Clinic |Facebook |YouTube |Twitter 

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