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Dec 16, 2019 | Lauren Brown | @laurenbrown

At six months old, Shea was a happy, healthy baby. So much so that her mother Kerry had no reason to worry when she dropped off Shea at her grandmother’s for the weekend. On Sunday, however, Kerry received a call saying that Shea had been sleeping quite a bit and that she looked a little yellow.

Kerry and her husband Jo wasted no time taking Shea to the doctor where she was eventually diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. For months, Shea and her family lived in the hospital where she received 63 blood transfusions until her hemoglobin returned to normal levels.

Shea’s family is so grateful for all of the blood donors who helped to save Shea’s life that they have started an annual blood donor day on Shea’s Birthday called, Shea Day. This year, Shea’s mom Kerry had bigger plans in mind for Shea Day. Annually, Kerry arranges a blood drive around Shea’s birthday here in our donor center, but for her 6th birthday, Kerry wanted to gain more participation by hosting Shea Day in a larger venue at the Northrop Community Center.

As expected, the results from this special drive were outstanding!  With our techs registering a total of 41 donors, they were able to collect a total of ­­­30 units. Of those donations, 12 of them were brand new to our life-saving blood donor family.


When talking with Shea at the blood drive, she was asked what she likes to do now that she is healthy.  She giggled and shared, “I love my Teeno. He is berry special to me, because I had him in the hosibal … and I sleep with him every night.”  Teeno, her Mom enlightened stated, is a little stuffed giraffe that she received while she was going through her difficult times.  Shea also expressed that she loves baby duckies. She said, “I like to chase my duck around the yard and try to hug him!”

Her mom asked her if she knew why it was important for people to donate blood, and Shae replied, “Because some other people need it.  What if some other people… another kid… was sick in the hosibal and needed it?!”

Shae is a little ray of sunshine to all who know and love her.  Thank you for donating blood, so that Shea is still here to chase her little duckies around the yard.  It is because of you that the blood drive was a booming success and Shea is now a healthy little six-year old. On behalf of Shae’s family and the Blood Donor Center, we want to thank you for donating and your selfless act of kindness.

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