A Recipient Story: Caelis

Apr 1 12:00am | Stacie Hammer | @shammer26

Brigitte’s daughter, Caelis, was born premature and spent her first four months in the NICU. During that time, she underwent heart duct surgery, suffered from an infection, which put her on the brink of sepsis, and had so many blood tests and needle pricks that she was constantly needing blood transfusions to keep her tiny, 1.5-pound body fighting.

“It was then that I realized how important blood donation was,” says Brigitte. “All these anonymous donors were keeping my first and only child alive while I stood there helpless. The donors were able to do something that I, as her mother, couldn’t even do.”

Following Caelis’ hospitalization, Brigitte noticed an advertisement for the “Pints for Preemies” blood drive challenge. “I felt that this was a very small way we could give back to other babies what our daughter received. I had given blood for the first time maybe 15 years ago, and it didn’t go over too well. I remember feeling really faint and sick, partly because of nerves, I imagine. This time I went in to give blood with a lot of joy and peace, even excitement, and it went very well. My husband, unfortunately, wasn’t able to donate because he had contracted Malaria in Africa several years before, but once he is able to give again, we are both eager to participate in the blood donation program in hopes to continue to help many people the way others have helped us.”

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