A Donor Story: Christian

Jan 1 12:00am | Stacie Hammer | @shammer26

On Christian Schrom’s 16th birthday, he donated blood for the first time. He wanted to donate with his dad and grandma, who had a longstanding practice of donating blood together. “Normally we donate early in the morning,” says Ryan, Christian’s dad. “Because whenever we come in to donate, we always go for breakfast afterward. It is just kind of a little tradition that we do.”

The unique family tradition was started by Jody, Christian’s grandma and Ryan’s mom, who has donated whole blood more than 60 times. “I probably started donating when I was about 20. I have done it for a long time,” says Jody. “It is just something I like to do. You feel so good about your donation because you know you are helping people.”

Jody has instilled the same giving spirit into her son. “Like Mom said, you get to feel good about it, and you’re helping someone,” says Ryan. “There is enough bad in the world. Donating blood is just a little thing, but it is important and it is helpful.”

Now when the Schrom family goes out for breakfast after donating, they need a bigger table. When Christian donated for the first time, he didn’t just go with his dad and grandma. He made sure to bring his mom and grandpa, too. “Christian’s mom had only donated blood once before, and I am not sure if his grandpa had ever donated,” says Ryan. “Now since his birthday, Grandpa has donated every time Grandma has gone, and my wife has gone in again as well.” Following the family tradition started by his Grandma Jody, Christian has inspired others to donate blood and help save lives!

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