A Blood Recipient's Story: Sally

Nov 7, 2017 | Jackie O'Reilly | @jacquelineoreilly

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Sally celebrated her liver’s 92nd birthday this year, and being only 71-years-young herself, she often says, “My name is Sally, and I am hope.”

In 2006, while awaiting a liver transplant, Sally received the news she had been long awaiting—there was a match. The available liver was from an 82-year-old, and Sally and her husband were asked if they would consider an “older liver.” Sally accepted, knowing that this liver could add 15 years to her life. While awaiting the operation, Sally received multiple blood products.
Sally says, “Without those gracious blood donors, I would not have survived the wait for my transplant.”
Since receiving her new “older liver,” Sally has decided to pay it forward by becoming a LifeSource Ambassador, speaking to others about organ and tissue donation. She also uses her knitting talents to make shawls for organ donor families. Sally also encourages others to become donors—both transplant and blood.

When she isn’t speaking at drivers’ ed classes or managing chuck wagons at Trails4Transplants, Sally donates her time at several nonprofits, including National Donor Sabbath and National Donate Life Month. Shown here, Sally is packaging forget-me-not flower seeds for these events.

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