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Jan 27, 2021 | Colleen Young, Connect Director | @colleenyoung | Comments (5)

100K Members on Mayo Clinic Connect

Mayo Clinic Connect surpassed the 100K member milestone. We're thrilled to share what this community is doing for members by taking a look back at some incredible highlights and encourage you to invite others to the community!

Connect is a moderated, welcoming, online support community for patients and caregivers. Tripling its membership since 2016, today over 100,000 members share their health journeys, goals and coping strategies, and give and get support to improve their lives.

Together members help members 

“Mayo Clinic Connect has been a big help in my discoveries of how to live better.” @rwinney
Take @azkidney for example. After having a nephrectomy and treatment for kidney cancer, she returned to work. She soon realized it was not going to be easy. Scared and not knowing where to turn, she found Mayo Clinic Connect where:

  • Supportive members quickly assembled to answer her questions.
  • She received same-day responses from fellow Connect members who had been through the same thing in the past.
  • They provided valuable advice, helping her find confidence to take charge
  • In an instant, she had access to a large community of people who let her know, “I’ve been there, too.”

@azkidney not only got smart advice from others with a similar experience, she also found a community – a safe place where she didn’t have to wear a brave face, could openly express her fears, and ask for help.

In their own words, members share what Mayo Clinic Connect means to them.
“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had lots of questions and lots of fear. Mayo Clinic Connect was the most helpful for me, the easiest to use, and the support and knowledge of the members and moderators helped to inform and sustain me on my journey — and still does.” @cindylb

“Knowing that, if you have a setback or falter, there are others who will help you up.” @rwinney

“I’m amazed at the number of topics and issues you can explore and how much help you can find.” @texasduchess
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“I like the genuine care and empathy members show to others. If someone doesn't have an answer, someone else will know where to find information. @mauraacro

“Courtesy, lack of judgment, and total acceptance is the norm in the discussions.” @kamama94

“I have confidence that the community director, moderators and mentors are watching over the community. So, that makes me feel safe. Safety is very important for sharing in an online community.” @ihatediabetes
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“I feel comfortable sharing deeply personal information because I am able to stay anonymous at the level I desire. People can get to know me, my attitudes, my opinions and my perspectives without knowing my personal contact information.” @2011panc
We protect your safety and privacy.
“The difference I've found in the Connect community is the higher level of information and links to medical studies. That is more than just a support group: It's a way to learn from others who've been there.” @jenniferhunter

“As a member of Connect, I was invited to a group advising Mayo Clinic clinicians who are developing tools for patients managing cancer symptoms. This allows me, as a cancer patient, to make a difference in a way I could only dream of as a nurse.” @1nan
Let’s continue to grow Connect together. 

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Congratulations! Mayo Clinic Connect has reached 100,000+ members because it provides help and guidance we can't get elsewhere. Thank you for being available to help me.


Wow -- when you think about the collective wisdom and caring shared by over 100,000 people on MayoConnect to help each other through trying times it's pretty amazing. Thank you Mayo Clinic and the dedicated staff and volunteer mentors and participants for being part of this valuable community and making it possible. I'm just sorry I didn't know about it decades ago when my journey to better health started at Mayo Clinic. Congratulations on hitting such a terrific milestone! Nancy


Congratulations Mayo Clinic Connect! 🥳 100K members is indeed a milestone to be proud of. Great work done by the Moderators and Director @colleenyoung.
Best to you all,


Just would like to say that Mayo Connect has attracted so many members simply because it is, hands down, the Cadillac of the online health forums. It is maintained and overseen by a top notch, highly professional team of moderators and mentors. The software engine that runs it is so well conceived and executed. I have been on other forums and while well-meaning, they just don't hold a dim candle to this site. And finally the members themselves make it a welcoming and safe place to share support and information amongst each other. Congratulations Connect on passing the 100K mark. It's very understandable why. To the 2nd 100K! Best, Hank


I totally agree Hank. Best site!

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