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Reply on Kidney stones

@lagrange5 Good morning! Like you, I am in Stage 3b, hovering around eGFR of 34, due to an ultra-rare disease where my body is choking off the filtering components of my kidneys. Formal diagnosis was early 2015, and confirmed again Oct 2019. Red meat maybe three [...]


Reply on Extreme weight loss, cannot eat. No diagnosis yet.

@filiond - Thank you for your quick response. I am not sure that even many gastroenterologists are very familiar with the illness- it is rare. They would first do a Doppler ultrasound to check the blood flow in the abdomen. That’s an easy test. To confirm a [...]


A Recipe for Connection, Conversation and Living with CKD: Meet @kamama94

Member Spotlights feature interviews with fellow Connect members. Learn more about members you’ve connected with and some you haven’t met yet. Nominate a member you think should share the spotlight. ROSEMARY: What brought you to Mayo Clinic Connect? What motivates you to take part in the [...]


Reply on Liver Resection: Is surgery the only option?

Hello @tearose, I am glad to hear that you are relatively symptom-free. I also have pancreatic cysts (many of them) and we watch and wait with those. For several years, MRIs and CT scans also showed what was considered an "Indolent lesion" on the liver. My [...]


Reply on Rare cancer: ovarian clear cell carcinoma

@colleenyoung and @odette Hello, I am brand new to the group. Hi to everyone else, thank you for sharing your stories. I am in the beginning stages of all of this and still in shock and disbelief. I am a healthy 46 year old [...]


Reply on Let's Talk about Gardens

@funcountess, Such lucious colors! I never thought about them living for 50 years, you must be a loving gardener with a with a well deserved green thumb. I remember as a child that my dad had roses. He and a neighbor were always talking roses and sharing, [...]