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Nov 5, 2018

A Blood Donation Recipient's Story: Ron

By Jackie O'Reilly, @jacquelineoreilly

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Each morning as he wakes up to a new day, Ron feels gratitude. Every day he can be with a loved one, especially a grandchild, is a great day.

Ron’s renewed appreciation for life springs from his worst day, back on April 26, 2011. "I had been diagnosed with what is commonly known as a ‘widow maker,’" says Ron. "It’s a term referring to the left descending artery down the front of your heart that has a critical blockage." So, in 2011, Ron had quadruple bypass surgery.

"My first thought was, ‘Will I ever get to meet my first grandchild?’ (due that July)," says Ron.

Fortunately, Ron was under expert care at Mayo Clinic’s Division of Cardiovascular Diseases. "Waking up from surgery with my family all around me was a special moment," he says.

Ron, now 62, was not only given the chance to meet his first grandchild that July after his surgery, but he’s also enjoyed many terrific days with his other four grandchildren who came later. Recently, he ran his first marathon (26.2 miles). Quite an accomplishment for anyone, but for Ron, it symbolized that his hopes had come true: He could still live an active life and enjoy many great days ahead with his family.

"I thank God, the Mayo staff, and the special people who donated their precious blood, which was the gift of life for me,"he says.

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