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I began my Evenity treatment yesterday following a painful fracture earlier in the year and must admit I did it with trepidation after so many...
Last active: Jul 3 9:08am
Evenity Cost
I will start Evenity in January. It looks like I will use traditional Medicare, plan G Humana/medigap. Has anyone been on these plans and had...
Last active: Feb 28 1:06pm
Evenity and heart
Has anyone had a fast or irregular heart beat after Evenity? I am going to have the injection tomorrow. Recently both COVID and Paxlovid caused...
Last active: Jul 13 11:22am
no improvement with evenity
i have had 12 months of evenity to treat my OP without any improvement in my BMD. anyone else had this problem?
Last active: May 27 7:37pm
Evenity pain
I have had 3 months of evenity and my left hip, thigh and buttock are so very painful I can hardly stand, lay down and...
Last active: Dec 6, 2023
Evenity and belly fat?
Has anyone noticed an increase in belly fat with Evenity? It is not a listed side effect. I stay up about 3-4 pounds over my...
Last active: 3 days ago
evenity and smoking
While I am aware that smoking is not a good thing for my body, I was curious if there is anyone out there that has...
Last active: Feb 26 3:21pm
Cost of Evenity injections
Does anyone know what is the out of pocket cost for Evenity if one has traditional Medicare with a supplement vs Medicare advantage program? I...
Last active: Aug 18, 2023
Tymlos vs. Evenity
Hi all. I experienced a compression fracture at L1 about 4 weeks ago and this is how I learned I have osteoporosis. I'm "only" 57...
Last active: Apr 5 2:49pm
Tracking Results with Evenity
After nearly 4 years on alendronate, I've had no fractures and my T-scores are stable. Which is not to say good, at least for my...
Last active: Jun 28 9:57am