Liver and Liver & Kidney Transplant Support Meeting

Liver and Liver & Kidney Transplant Support Meeting

Tue, Mar 26, 2024
11:00am to 12:00pm ET


A virtual support group for Mayo Clinic patients and their caregivers pre- and post-transplant. The support group occurs every Tuesday at 11:00am to 12:00pm ET on Zoom (find your time zone). The group provides support, education, and perspective or insight into the transplant process, especially recovery and life after transplant. Through facilitated discussion, members help members with their specific questions, needs, and concerns.

It is open to all Mayo Clinic Florida, Arizona and Rochester patients.

Hosted on Zoom. Pre-registration is required.

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To connect with fellow transplant patients and caregivers online any time from any where, visit the online Transplants Support Group on Connect.




Rachael Remlinger, LCSW
Rachael Remlinger, LCSW
Phone: 904 956 3208

i needa liver transplant. Can i get one at Mayo? Will Medicare pay for it? I'm 80 and medicare + UHC together have always covered my medical expenses.

Pete in ChiCAGO


Hi Pete,
Medicare will be paying for mine and AARP United Healthcare is picking up the rest. We were grandfathered in on Plan F when they did away with it. I would check with UH since there are other plans. Good Luck
Marie in Jacksonville

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