Zoom Fatigue, it's real!

Posted by MGMolly @Erinmfs, Mar 27, 2021

I have Zoom Fatigue, I saw a story about it on television, it's real! I don't enjoy joining Zoom sessions with people I don't know and exposing my messy house to a group of onlookers. Also, watching myself on Zoom, it's stressful! What do you do on Zoom, and are you breaking the Zoom habit now with vaccinations on the rise?

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Hi Merry @merpreb – I bought one similar to this one – https://www.amazon.com/MACTREM-YouTube-Photography-Streaming-Brightness/dp/B08F36R7Y1/ except mine didn't include a stand it just clips to the top of my monitor. I had a larger ring light before with a tall stand but it was hard to get behind my monitor and fit on my desk/table. They have some cheaper ones that you don't need a USB cable except for recharging them and the clip is the bottom half of the ring light.

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@johnbishop– John, just ordered one. Thanks

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